About Us


As a adult in my 30's my skin begin to change for the worst when I moved from Baltimore, MD to Carbondale, Illinois. I always lived on the East Coast therefore I never experienced what I thought was the end of the luster of my skin. I was diagnosed with eczema and originally I did a lot of the over the counter remedies. They would help but nothing helped with the scarring to my skin's complexion. Around this same time, I was in a search for a chronic pain reliever due to a previous motor vehicle accident. I knew that I didn't want to depend on pain killers all of my life so I turned to the use of CBD (Cannabidiol). One day making infused CBD cookies I thought I wonder if I can put this into a body butter and at that moment MOOR HEMP WORLD was born. Blending my passion of personal care products and my favorite recipes infused with CBD was a hit. 
"I created MOOR HEMP WORLD for you and everyone who is searching for products that work."
I couldn’t keep this discovery to myself knowing that there were people with melanin-rich skin just like me, who are actively seeking solutions for their complexion challenges, anxiety, and chronic pain.

MOOR HEMP WORLD is for you and everyone who are searching for products that work. 

It’s a regimen that was born out of my personal experiences and it is where CBD and avant-garde beauty meets!