Removing Toxins

Hemp is extremely effective in the removal of heavy metals and radioactive toxins deeply rooted in the soil.

Hemp cleans soil, in fact it is the best soil contaminant cleaner, and that includes radioactive waste. Remediation is the process of fixing ordinarily unusable soil sullied by heavy metals or nuclear material. It involves sowing designer chemicals into the earth that “eat up” the poisons. Think of it like using a magnet to collect tiny bits of metal floating in a glass of water. It happens naturally—and much less expensively—through the process of phytoremediation (phyto- from the Greek for “plant”). In phytoremediation, the roots of plants like hemp or mustard, dig deep into contaminated soil and, through their natural growth process, suck up the harmful chemicals right alongside the beneficial nutrients that remain. These polluting elements completely leave the ground, and the plant stores them —usually within the leaves, stems or stalks.